Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What cameras do you use?

    We believe that brands of cameras don’t really make a difference, its just a personal preference. We use professional DSLR cameras from both Canon & Nikon, coupled with several top of the range professional lenses, and a host of lighting gear and modifiers.

  • How many photographs will I get?

    We normally provide about 200-300 edited candid photos per Photo Album. There is no limit from our side on these numbers for shooting. The numbers totally depend on the contents of your function and how much we get to shoot.

  • How soon do we need to reserve our date?

    The sooner the better, since we’ve had clients book us almost a year in advance.

  • Do you travel outside Bangalore for weddings?

    Yes of course, we love to travel. All orders with location outside Bangalore will attract extra costs for travel and accommodation. Don’t worry our costs are reasonable. :)

  • How will we reserve our wedding date?

    After the initial consultation, we will send you an estimated cost. Once we receive 50% advance along with our contract signed, your dates are booked. We will not accept any other clients for your dates. Remaining balance amount should be paid in full with in the 1 week after the wedding date.

  • Can we pay part before and part after the wedding?

    Yes, But all payment must be received by us in full within one week after the Engagement/Wedding date.

  • Where and when will the pre wedding/engagement shoot take place?

    It’ll normally take place somewhere in Bangalore. Preferably at some place that holds some special meaning to the couple. it could also be in a Resort, holiday destination outside Bangalore.

  • Do you charge extra for travel and hotel accommodation?

    Yes, if the location is outside of Bangalore. cost vary depending on the distance, travel & accommodation expenses.

  • How long will our album take to arrive?

    Albums normally take about 2-3 Months from the date of selecting the photos for your album. Also depends on the season.

  • How will we get our album?

    You can pick it up, or we can deliver it to you if you live in India with no shipping chrage, or we can courier it to you at a cost if you live outside India.

  • Do you retain the copyright for the photos?

    Yes, as your professional wedding photographers, We will retain copyright of all your wedding images and video however We always provide a written and signed copyright release for you allowing unlimited personal use and printing of your wedding photos.  Since copyright stuff is a pretty serious matter, We don’t like others taking advantage and misusing it.

  • Do you reserve the right to publish the photos?

    We prefer to, however, this is negotiable. We respect your privacy and we will never insist on retaining any right to publish photos of you. But we hope you’ll agree that your photos are amazing enough to share!

  • What is your refund policy?

    We only refund the advance If you so choose to cancel one month before the date of the wedding. If the Wedding is with in 30 days then we will refund 50% of the advance amount paid.

  • Do I get the digital negatives of the photos from my wedding?

    Yes, We will give you all the images captured. But only the ones selected for the album will be edited.

    Note: We will not give raw footage of video captured.

  • What if it looks like it will rain for the day I chose to do my engagement session?

    Depending on the weather and situation we might reschedule the session for another day.

  • And why is wedding photography so expensive?

    Hmm , Well to be honest no its not. A lot of people only see the wedding photography as just the 10 odd hours of the photographer shooting on the day. But don’t see that, we spend over 40 hours on each wedding. Right from the first contact, the subsequent meetings, emails, phone calls, to shooting, taking backups of data, editing photos, designing, printing albums and not to forget the cost of our Equipment. In short there is a lot of effort put into it to make it as perfect as possible. All our clients say it was worth it.

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